Meet Gary Kidney, author

Young Adult

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Emily Dickinson once wrote: Which, sir, are you and which am I upon an August day?

Evens is a mystery thriller. Fifteen-year-old Joey Davidson longs to be normal, despite autism. After moving to Arizona, he finds a girlfriend, Becca, and a platoon of six diverse boys, the Desert Rats, who accept him. “Bud,” an elderly drifter, changes all relationships. One night, Bud's trailer bursts into flame. The Rats emerge as primary suspects. Investigators uncover lies and reveal secrets, forcing the boys into life-altering decisions. As the Desert Rats crumble, Joey’s mother battles cancer, and Becca plans to move, Joey's fear of abandonment becomes real. Alone, how can he cope?

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Emily Dickinson once wrote: For I have the power to kill, without the power to die.

Entanglements is a mystery thriller. On the first day of morning cross-country practice, sixteen-year-old Joey Davidson finds a naked teammate unconscious on his locker bench. Joey's locker is open; his clothes and medicines scattered nearby. Quick action saves the boy's life. Joey lands in handcuffs and is offered a plea deal to become a narc. Turning down the deal, he investigates anyway to learn things are never what they seem. How much of his discovery is he willing to share with the police, especially when he finds himself marked for death by a friend's gang?