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One Most Important Thing is a contemporary Young Adult novel telling the story of Joey, a ninth-grade boy with autism. He wants to be normal, but his fairy-godmother says it’s a long-term project. His mother is dying of cancer and he knows he won’t have her much longer. Being abandoned is his greatest fear. Making friends is nearly impossible for Joey until the Desert Rats, a diverse gang of trailer-park boys, each broken in their own way, befriend him. But when Bud moves into the neighborhood, relationships change. Bud takes the Desert Rats camping, but Joey isn’t invited. One night, Bud’s trailer bursts into flames and the authorities suspect arson.

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American Spy in the Reich is an historical thriller in both action and psychology, a coming-of age novel telling the story of 17-year-old Fred Brown sent to spy in Nazi Germany. Born of German immigrants, his mission is infiltrating Germany and blending into Nazi society to aid the Allied war effort. He finds the task harder than expected, learning life lessons in an unusual crucible where death haunts every step and even your friends and family can't be trusted. How can he fulfill his duty to America and do the things the Nazi's expect?

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Freedom Fighters is an upper middle grade historical fiction adventure set during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Two twelve-year old boys, Gunny Brown, son of an American spy sent to foment the rebellion, and Yuri Novitsky, son of a KGB agent tasked to prevent it, become friends despite their fathers' missions. Over one month, what they learn about themselves, the Hungarians, and each other changes everything.